What is your crafting personality?

Have you ever taken one of those quizzes in a magazine where it will give insight into a facet of your personality? Usually these fun quizzes are for entertainment purposes only. I found a craft personality quiz:


I like to think of myself as adventurous when it comes to crafting. I like to try something at least once. Lately, I have found myself leaning toward a preference of materials and types of projects I like to work on. In my quilting, I enjoy more of the art projects as opposed to quilts made with traditional quilt block patterns. In my knitting and crochet projects, I have found myself leaning toward soft, traditional types of yarns and stitches that create dense, easy to use and comfortable to wear items. This preference I am developing has caused a dilemma for me based on what I have in my fabric and yarn stash. I look at some of the fabrics and yarn I have chosen to purchase over the years which have ended up in my stash and say, “What was I thinking?” However, the good thing that has come out of me beginning to define my craft personality is that I am creating a lot more of my own designs. As I try to incorporate the fabric and fiber I have in my stash, I am coming up with designs I feel work with the color, feel and texture of the fabric or fiber. I look forward to challenging myself in my use of the materials in my stash along with future purchases and in my designs.

I took the quiz and below are the results I received –

You’re social but also super-meticulous. Intricate handiwork such as knitting, embroidery and needlepoint suits your personality best. These crafts are portable (little to no cleanup required!) and allow you to socialize with pals while you purl or chain-stitch your cares away 

Hmmmmm, makes you wonder. Have you taken the quiz? Do you think this fun little exercise gave you any insight into your craft personality? Leave us a comment below and let us know.

Bizzy Lady

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