UFO – Fairy

I did some reorganization in my craft studio as noted in a previous post. I removed a dresser from the room and put in an open shelf so I can see all my goodies.

Now looking at the picture you may be wondering where is the improvement but believe me it is immensely improved. Not only did I improve my space (again, trust me it is) I discovered yet another UFO. Meet Tank, Tinker Bell’s cousin:



This started with me purchasing a few fairy panels and my intention to make a series out of the panels. This is number one of my series. This top for the most part is complete I just have to determine backing, then sandwich, and quilt. Because I did not specifically purchase backing for this quilt, I plan to use some of the fabric left over from the top and piece the backing together. Unearthing these treasures has rekindled my desire to follow through with my plans.

Bizzy Lady

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