UFO – Unfinished Bag

Every so often, I get in the “I have to finish my UFOs mood”. (Only to generate more UFOs, right.) Those projects that I have started that are very near completion really start to weigh on my mind and I want to get them finished. I have a few quilts where the tops are finished and I need to sandwich, quilt and bind them. I have a quilt-as-you-go quilt I started a few years ago that I want to finish. I have some accessories that just need finishing touches.

A few years ago, Diva Dana and I went to one of the larger quilt shows and saw a number of women walking around with this bag. I thought is was a cool contemporary design and many of the women had used great fabric combinations. So we asked where they got the bag and we were told it was pattern. So, of course, we had to have it. Right there at the show we found the pattern and purchased it. I made a larger version of the bag then decided to make the smaller version. The larger version has a piece of acrylic I got cut at the hardware store in the bottom to give it structure. However, it is not very flexible so it makes the bag awkward to carry. Here is the larger version of the bag I made first:

The handles are made using curtain grommets and the bag is lined inside with some interior pockets.

Here is the smaller version of the bag which is one of my UFOs:


I need to do some hand stitching inside on the lining:

I also need to attach a handle. I am going to make a beaded handle:


Most of the other bags I have made had a round bottom so they didn’t need anything more than lining. I was not happy with the acrylic I used in the larger bag and want to use something different in this bag. I have heard that others use different types of material to line the bottom of their bags such as placemats from the Dollar Store, cork board, a thin piece of plywood, plastic canvas, cardboard, etc. I think for this bag I might try the heavier template plastic. What do you think? What do you use in the bottom of your bags and/or purses for reinforcement?

Looking forward to your feedback……

Bizzy Lady

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