Trying New Quilting Technique – Fractal

My fellow Craft Diva, DivaDane, shared with me a piecing technique called fractal. It is the process of taking multiple copies of the same image cutting the images into graduated strips, laying the strips amongst each other in size order and sewing the strips together. You will have to zoom in to see the full effect of the resulting image in the picture I posted.

The directions suggested you find fabric with repeating images. The images also had to be large Ienough to experience the fractal effect. I was able to find fabric with large flowers that repeated. I think I bought a couple of yards of fabric and was able to get 4 repeats of each flower which created a small wall hanging. I used muslin as my backing.


I don’t think I would do this technique again, I didn’t get the expected fulfillment once the project was complete. A good thing was I got an opportunity to practice my free motion quilting. I used monofilament thread to hide any mistakes. I just did a fairly close stipple.

Come back to visit to see more projects of techniques we try. Some end up being very successful, others not so much but we have a good time working on them.

Craft Diva Bizzy Lady

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