Those DAM Girl Xmas Party

Hey Everyone,

I hope yall had a wonderful weekend. Mine was pretty cool. My company Xmas party was this weekend and the theme was the Mardi Gras.

I finally found out who my Secret Sister was in our guild and it was Lori. I was so happy with all of my gifts but especially my finally gifts.


Lori and I had been talking about the book, “Publish Your Patterns” and that was in my Christmas basket. I have started reading this and it is very informative.

I also got another gift from the President of the guild. She knows my love for shoes.wpid-img_20141202_214121.jpg


So the Secret Sister that I had, Barb loved her final gifts.

wpid-20141129_090802.jpg wpid-20141201_182857.jpg


I have a big new quilting tool post that I will be posting this week. Check back this week to see what it is.

Until next time,

Diva Dane


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