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Hey Everyone!! Guess what day it is? HUMP DAY!!!!

I hope everyone is having a good week. I’m getting very excited, because Bizzy Lady and I are going to our Detroit Area Modern Guild Retreat next weekend.  So its time for me to gather all the projects that I want to work on and even try to complete while on my mini vacation.

We had our DAMG meeting yesterday and I was able to see the process of my Round Robin. I like that way it’s looking.  I a lot of people have taken their quilts out of the rotation so there isn’t a lot of people to exchange them with that haven’t worked on it yet. Hopefully next month there will be more people adding new blocks to start their Round Robin process over.

This is the quilt that I received this week. I have to think hard of what I want to add to this quilt. By the way, the quilt that I got is Bizzy Lady’s quilt. 🙂


Also DAMG has started a quilt along.  This is one of the two blocks for the previous month. I have a lot of the multicolored fabric, so I decided this quilt along would be the best time to use up all the fabric.20140305_175420

I’m also excited for this weekend for two reason. One is we are having a Girl’s Night out Friday to celebrate Bizzy Lady’s Birthday. It was postpone to now, but we are going to have a good time.  And second, our Quilt Show Sun Bonnet Sue Quilt Challenge is due Saturday.  I can’t wait to see who all participated and what designs they came up with.

I am very proud of my piece and this is the final product. I have completed the binding tonight.


If you all remembered in a previous post, I stated that I am following a Hexie Block of the Month Quilt Along and I’ve completed my February Hexie Block of the Month.


The new block for March is:  

I haven’t decided what background fabric I’m going to use for all of these blocks, so I might wait until the end and then decide at that time.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and talk to y’all next week!!!!!

Diva Dane

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