Swap Mania

As you have been following Diva Dane’s IG swap adventures, I have been busy preparing my swap gifts. Typically because Diva Dane and I have very similar interests in a lot of areas, we tend to participate in a lot of the same swaps, however, here and there you will find that we have a one off that the other does not participate in. I am participating in the Golden Ages of Hollywood Swap 2015 #goldenagesofhollywoodswap2015. I had purchased some Audrey Hepburn panels a while back and thought this would be the perfect opportunity to use them. The shipping date is soon so I am still working on some items but here is a little extra something I am including for my swap partner who lives in the UK.


Pouch – front and back

I too participated in the Muppet and Text Me Mini Swaps. These are the projects I made for my swap partners.


Wall Hanging

(It is a shame about the breakup #misspiggyandkermit)


Wall Hanging


Large Bag

(Excuse the ink on the wall. Gonzo is on my design wall that is painted with paint that can be scrubbed and it needs a good scrubbing. I have cropped out all the pieces of tape and the smudges but could not crop out the ink.)


Wall Hanging


Mug Rug

I haven’t received my Muppet swap gift yet but I did receive the Text Me Mini swap gift. My partner definitely was paying attention when I dropped hints about myself.


Text Me Mini Swap Gift

If you know of an upcoming swap or one just starting, let us know. By my next post, I should have my Golden Ages of Hollywood Swap 2015 gifts done and I will share along with some of the ways I label my quilts.

Until next time……

Bizzy Lady

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  1. Gaye Tolliver says:

    Particularly like the text/scrip fabrics and your appliqué work is (always) beautifully done. Thank goodness we still have the happy memories of the good times that Piggy and Kermit shared. ‘Sigh’.

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