Summer Summer Summer

Hey Everyone,

It has been awhile since Bizzy Lady or Myself have posted. Sorry for that but the Summer is the time when Bizzy Lady and I are involved in a lot of activities. We love being outdoors in the sun and nice weather.

I cant believe that next Monday, July 10th will be my 38th Birthday. I’m getting closer to 40 but still look like I’m 20, which is a good thing. (Thanks mom and dad for good genes. lol)

My mother has been loving the purse that Bizzy Lady and I make and she has really gotten into the Cork Fabric. So for her birthday in June, she requested that I make her a purse. So I went through several purse patterns and she picked the design she wanted, Sew Sweetness Park West Bag. When then went online to Fabrick Funhouse Cork Company to find what color Cork she wanted for the purse.

So it was a few days late, but she was very happy with her birthday gift. I was very pleased with how it turned out as well. It really looks like it came from a department store.

It also very hard to get any sewing done in the summer because there is always something to do. So hopefully I will be able to sqeeze in some sewing.

Bizzy Lady and I are going to the Bahamas in a 11 days and there is a travel bag that I want to make for the trip. Lets see if I will be able to make it before we leave.

Last month I also was able to make a purse and tote bag.


We will send a post from the Bahamas!!!! We can’t wait!!!!!

Until then….

Diva Dane

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