Spring Cleaning and Organization -HELP!

I can’t find what I’m looking for in my room so I am reorganizing. I need some ideas and help in my organization efforts. I have been on Pinterest and general surfing and tried a couple ideas but they are not working for me. I purchased some small shelf size milk crates and folded my smaller size pieces of fabric in them by color and stacked them 2 deep on my shelf. I also purchased larger clear containers with tops and organized my larger pieces by color. I have some larger pieces that are just folded on the shelf and with all this effort I still get frustrated when looking for fabric. 

Share with me your organizing secrets. I will be looking for your comments here or post a picture of your organized space on Instagram with the hashtag #sharewithcraftdiva and tag @thecraftdivas. 


I also participated in the DAMQG Charm Pack swap. This is the item I created with the charm pack I received.  

Until next time……

Bizzy Lady


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