Skill Builder Progress

Most of you all know that Bizzy Lady and I are participating in two Skill Builder Projects for this year. They are Leah Day’s Dancing Butterfly and Pile o Fabrics Technicolor Galaxy BOM.

I am really enjoying the Pile o Fabric Skill Builder BOM quilt project. This weekend I plan on doing my quilt as you go for Block 1 and possible start on Block 2.  The one thing I really like about this is that you will be quilting as you go, so once the project is completed your quilt has been quilted.

These following pictures are the steps I went through to construct Block 1.wpid-20150314_123855.jpg wpid-20150314_125712.jpg  wpid-20150314_140002.jpg wpid-20150314_222826.jpg



I have appliqued the butterflies to all 12 blocks and the next step will be to satin stitch the butterflies. Once that is complete, I will start learning how to quilt each design process will begin.

wpid-20150308_131211.jpg wpid-20150308_131254.jpg wpid-20150308_131308.jpg wpid-20150308_131221.jpg


Check back to see our progress through these projects each month so see where are.

Until then….

Diva Dane

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