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The more Diva Dane and I travel along this adventure, we are building a significant catalog of information and a list of preferred tools and resources. We also have a list of preferred suppliers and vendors. I believe I have mentioned before that we all love a Joann Fabrics coupon but there are some things we use that we can’t get or prefer not to get at Joann Fabrics. Occasionally, we will be polling you, our followers and visitors, to see if you have any recommendations, thoughts and/or opinions on various products, tools, resources, etc. We are not getting paid or endorsing any particular brand, vendor, tool, website, etc. We just want to share and get your unfiltered (you may have to filter a little, this is a family friendly blog ;-)) thoughts, experiences and opinions. I very rarely buy something particularly if it is a costly purchase without reading reviews and getting the opinions of others who have either used the product, site, etc. Now that we have the Internet it is pretty easy to find at least one person who has an experience with what you are looking for who is willing to share information regarding their experience. So again we will be looking to you for your help.

Fabric – Cotton Solids

In my journey into modern quilting, I have found that I typically did not buy a lot of solids. I have a plethora of prints with the same value. I have been buying solids lately. I have been sticking to Kona fabrics. Joann Fabrics sells Kona and you can usually get a pretty good deal especially with coupons. However, they are limited in the range of colors they have so Diva Dane and I are looking for other vendors and suppliers of either Kona or another quality cotton solid in a variety of colors.


Of course, one of the avenues we are taking to find a supplier is online. Diva Dane found an online merchant selling cotton solids, however, after reading the unfavorable reviews of those who had purchased the product, we are still looking for a quilting cotton solid vendor. If you purchase fabric particularly cotton solids, where do you go?

Looking forward to your feedback…….

Bizzy Lady

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