Secret Sister

Hey Everyone,

I just love getting gifts and with the guild that Bizzy Lady and I are in we are participating in the Secret Sister event this year.

We filled out a card listing all of our likes and dislikes. Then we pulled a name out of a basket. At that point we make gifts, purchase gifts or whatever we want to give to our Secret Sister. I have been working very hard on my final gifts for my Sister, but I can’t show you pictures because my she maybe viewing our blog.

My Secret Sister is very good to me. I love every gift I have gotten so far. This past weekend I received a gift in the mail.


This person knows that I love butterflies and shoes.

There is a new Joann Fabrics that open up in the Detroit Area. So Sunday I went there before bowling. It was so packed and I didn’t have enough time to look around the whole store. I will have to go back. But what I did find was this beautiful Butterfly fabric. Now I just have to think of something very different to make with the fabric. I have a collection of butterfly fabric and I just need to come up with a design to use them in.


Until next time…..

Diva Dane


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