As you read in Diva Dane’s post, she is pretty busy and us being partners (in adventure) means that I am also along for the ride. I am working on my block for the “round robin” that we are participating in. As Diva Dane explained, you create a block and then the block passes through the group with others who receive your block adding borders, other blocks, applique, etc. You can incorporate instructions on what their contribution should contain, such as only sticking with certain colors or you can allow them the freedom to do whatever they want and be surprised. I picked the fabric for my “round robin” first – brown, purple, and light green.

round robin fabrics

I have had a design in my head for a while that I have wanted to try and felt this was my opportunity to do so. I decided to start my “round robin” with a 17×17 block allowing me to try my design on a smaller scale. I try to keep some graph paper around to sketch out my ideas but the funniest thing is that since I have reorganized my craft studio, I can’t find it. So until I run across it, I just pulled some paper from the printer and got to work.

2013-10-05 18.06.07

The sketch is not displayed that clear here, but I am excited to begin to cut fabric, see and share the final outcome. Come back and visit to see.

In my last post, I showed the name tag I worked on which had some issues. I was going to make another which I will be doing but I could not live with the name tag as it was so I decided to add binding and boy did that make a difference.

2013-10-05 18.37.20

Until next time……

Bizzy Lady

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