*Scream* (continued)

A few days ago, I designed a pattern for a block that I was going to be using as the starting block for the “round robin” we are participating in. This is the pattern I designed:

2013-10-05 18.06.07

Here is the resulting block with a finished size of 16 1/2 by 16 1/2 after squaring it off.

2013-10-06 18.42.22

In participating in the “round robin”, you are to provide instructions on what you would like others to incorporate as it is going round from person to person. You can include fabric or list what you don’t like so it is not included. I did not include any additional fabric and I also did not put a lot of stipulations on what others can do. My instructions said, “Be creative, have fun!!! Only 2 things, no fruits or animals (including insects).” We meet once a month so I am eagerly awaiting next month to see the first round.

In participating in the ”round robin’, I now have someone else’s “round robin” to add to. I am going to give myself a week to look at what has already been done before deciding what I will add to it. It may be a border or another block, not really sure. So come back and visit to see the “round robin” project I received for this month (October) and my creative contribution to it. If you are not following us, please use the link on the right to start following us. You don’t want to miss the progress of our “round robin” projects and the “round robin” projects we work on.

Until next time….

Bizzy Lady


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