Today has been a pretty busy day for me. I really needed a haircut so this morning I went to the salon. After that Diva Dane and I went to see Hello Dolly starring Sally Struthers at the Fox Theatre in Detroit. Ms. Struthers did a wonderful job and was very entertaining. I commented to Diva Dane my fascination with the excellent comedic timing she has.

The rest of the day I have spent doing various things such as washing, helping my son with his homework, etc. I also spent the day deciding what I wanted my contribution to the “round robin” I received to be. After seeing Diva Dane’s adorable finished project, it inspired me to get to work on the one I received. Each meeting there is a show and tell of the progress on each participant’s “round robin” project. The creativeness and craftsmanship of each project is awesome and kind of intimidating hoping that you can uphold the standard set when it’s your turn. As you saw, Diva Dane did it. Some of the projects had a theme and some really wanted you to stretch your imagination and go for it. Here is the one I received:

I have yet to add my contribution. I have my design selected and I am ready to get to work. Stay tuned…….

Bizzy Lady

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