Rule Breaking

The Craft Divas took a workshop with Kathryn Schmidt who wrote Rule Breaking Quilts in June. We started with 6 fat quarters, stacked and began to cut. No pattern. We then got to a point after a few cuts, we began to assemble. After separating the stacks, it seemed as tho’ we shuffled and sewed those pieces together. We then cut some of the sewn pieces again. Some lines we cut free hand with a curve and some we cut at an angle. Again, no rules and I am quite sure my description is not doing the technique justice. Here is what I was able to complete in class.


So now I have an approximate 25×23 UFO. I enjoyed the workshop, however, after coming home and looking at the piece, I can’t decide what I want to do next. Actually when I look at it I am like “what was I thinking”. I know I don’t want a whole quilt like this. I am feeling kinda creative, adventurous, or maybe a little reckless in that I am think of slicing and dicing this piece and incorporating it into a modern themed quilt. Stay tuned……

Bizzy Lady

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