Revisiting “New Knitting Project”

Well I had good intentions and didn’t quite make it. In my post, New Knitting Project, I expressed my goal to challenge myself and tackle a project I normally wouldn’t attempt. When knitting, I like to have a quick ROI which means accessories like scarves and hats. I don’t usually go for garments but I found a poncho pattern I really liked and wanted to try it. As a matter of pride, I don’t like abandoning projects but after 3 attempts at casting on 360 stitches, trying to knit in the round and twisting the round, I gave up. I still really want to knit a poncho so being the rebel that I am, I am going to find a way to do it just a little unconventionally by taking what I have learned and seen then putting my own spin on it. I have seen where others have taken 2 flat pieces and put them together to create a poncho. So here I go…..


My personality just will not let me abandon 2 projects so you will definitely see a finished poncho. This is my traveling project and it may take a little while to complete but keep visiting to track my progress to the finished project.

Bizzy Lady

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