Reisende Bag Review

Happy Friday Everyone,

I hope yall had a wonderful week and will have a nice weekend as well. I was fortunate to participate in the pattern testing of the Reisende Bag by Sew Sweetness. My bag was featured on her blog. By doing this pattern test, it is building my bag making skills and confidence.


I started out my making my fabric choices and cutting out all the pattern pieces. I decided to make the piece size so that I could use it for traveling.


As I went on I started going step by step with the instructions and making each part as instructed. Sara’s directions are easy to follow and straight forward.


wp-1465553201586.jpg wp-1465553201600.jpg wp-1465552800361.jpg wp-1465552697698.jpg wp-1465552696756.jpg


wp-1465552697848.jpg wp-1465552698647.jpg  wp-1465552696770.jpg


I was a little scared when it was time to fully construct my bag.


wp-1465552699075.jpgwp-1465552699212.jpg wp-1465552700134.jpg wp-1465552700662.jpg wp-1465552699424.jpg


What I have left to do is the hang stitching of the lining in the inside of the bag. I want to use it on my upcoming trip in July.

Please take a look at Sara’s pattern and purchase it to make an amazing bag as myself.

Until next time….

Diva Dane

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  1. Gaye Tolliver says:

    it’s so easy to tell someone just go step-by-step – but your pictures really show how to do it successfully – very nice!

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