Ready to Knit

Diva Dane’s Mom who is sweet as pie and always looking out for me, saw a scarf pattern in the newspaper and cut it out for me. I am always looking for new patterns. This pattern is a möbius scarf – Easy-to-Knit Neck Wrap. I am just starting it but I have encountered a couple of interesting things. First, looking at the picture in the newspaper with the quality of the picture it is hard to see the detail. So it was surprising when I got into the pattern to see the large drop stitch. Second, being the rebel that I am, I decided not to use the recommended bulky yarn but something a little softer and finer that would lay down around the neck. It’s a decision that may lead to a cool twist on the original pattern or something to make me say, “What was I thinking.” This is a quick knit so I am quite sure it won’t take long to complete.


I look forward to sharing the finished scarf.

Bizzy Lady

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