Ready to Knit Complete

Well the Easy-to-Knit Neck Wrap that I discussed in my August 27th post is complete.


As I mentioned in my post, the original pattern called for a bulky yarn and I decided to go with a finer yarn that had a softer feel and hung differently around the neck. I also made it a little longer. I typically like to embellish my work but I think I am going to leave this one alone. I like the way it lays and embellishing along with the long drop stitch I felt would have been too much.

My next yarn project will be completed using yarn from my stash. My goal is to find or design projects for the yarn in my stash. However, I have found that some of the yarn in my stash is really hard and doesn’t feel good against the skin. I initially bought some of it because of the color and/or detail but didn’t rub it against my skin and when I did, I realized it couldn’t be made into anything worn near the skin. So those yarns will most likely be used for purses and the softer yarns for items like scarves and hats. If I feel it won’t be comfortable for me as a hat or scarf, I won’t make it for anyone else as one. Off the pick a skein from the stash and let it speak to me – crochet or knit….

Bizzy Lady

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