Quilted Name Tag

Diva Dane and I have joined another group, Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild. We attended our first meeting last month. One of the tasks we came away with was to make a name tag. Of course, the purpose being others will be able to identify us by name. Here is my name tag (sewn on my new sewing machine and yes, I am still in love):

bl name tag

Looking at it, I can see some issues. I did not use a pattern but overall I am happy with the look. However, it is what we call “wonky”. The edges are not perfectly straight and square. I decided not to use Peltex as a stabilizer and just used batting. I also did not use typical binding and satin stitched around the edges. These 2 choices I believe contributed to the “wonkiness”. I will be making another one to correct these issues. I am happy with the color choices and the quilting. On the light brown pieces, I used Superior Glitter thread for the quilting.


I have not used this thread before but since this was a small project, I decided to use it to see how I liked it. I would use it again. I don’t see it being used on a whole quilt but I will use it on a small piece or incorporate it into another project.

Bizzy Lady

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