QuiltCon – Keynote Address and Day 4

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The Keynote speakers were the quilters from Gee’s Bend. As Diva Dane noted in the previous post, she had an opportunity to take a workshop with the ladies where they started with singing a spiritual. We were also treated to their beautiful voices a number of times during the Keynote Address. They told how what they did out of necessity to keep warm – making quilts, was considered art to their surprise. They continually expressed their gratitude for the doors that have been opened to them. They told of their process and talked of how blessed they have been to have the opportunity to travel and share their story. One of the women shared the touching story of walking into a museum to see a quilt made by her mother which contained pieces of clothing from her, her siblings and pieces from her father’s pants that he wore while working in the fields displayed as art. She was in tears and so was the audience.

The first song they shared conveyed the message – I don’t want no flowers when I am gone, give me my flowers while I yet live. What I thought was really special was when someone paid them a compliment, they responded with “Thank you for those flowers.” They were appreciating the compliments while they could still enjoy them. If you have an opportunity to watch the PBS special on them, to see them in person or take a workshop with them, I suggest you do so you will be truly touched and inspired.


QuiltCon brought in two well-known Austin Tattoo Artists Michael Williams and Stacey Martin (http://www.michaelwilliamstattoos.com and http://www.staceymartin.com) who setup shop and tattooed for the entire 4 days. Quilters expressing themselves in another way. Surprising, right! I saw one quilter get two. Diva Dane and I got tattooed by Michael Williams. Here is my new tattoo…..


We had a great time. The Modern Quilt Guild is going to be organizing QuiltCon every year moving forward. It will be in Pasenda for 2016 and Savannah in 2017. Perhaps we will go to Savannah in 2017. However, we are looking forward to AQS in Grand Rapids in August.

Until next time…..

Bizzy Lady

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