Paper Pieceing Madness

Hey Everyone,

Yes it’s another bright shiny object that is in front of me again. And right now it’s paper piecing. I have decided that I am going to make a size wall hanging quilt with colorful paper pieced blocks.

I love Black & White Fabric and I love Bright Color Fabric, so why not put them together. These are the first installments of blocks for my next quilt.

wpid-20140423_202627.jpg After looking at my other blocks and colors, this one doesn’t belong and I am going to pull it from my project.


wpid-20140421_175946.jpg I like this block the best so far.



Come back to see how this quilt progresses. Also as I explained in my previous post, the fun part is drawing and designing your quilt layout.

What to y’all think so far?

Until next time……

Diva Dane



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  1. nsturgill says:

    Beautiful eye candy!

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