One Seam Flying Geese – Demo

I am always open to exploring other techniques and methods of the quilting process. I learned how to make what I refer to as traditional quilt blocks and components such as flying geese using traditional methods. I came across a demo by Ricky Tims creating flying geese with one seam. I immediately went to my scraps, tried it and in approximately five minutes (maybe even less) I had created a flying geese unit. I thought the process was really clever and wanted to share it with our followers. Let us know what you think.


Until next time…..

Bizzy Lady

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  1. Gaye Tolliver says:

    How neat! I have done the “10 minute quilt block” shown on various YouTube sites previously and was pleasantly surprised at the fact it REALLY was a 10 minute block. But do like this 5 minute variation, too! Thanks for sharing.

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