Not Lost In The Woods

I am working on my modern quilt that I started as a result of taking Jacquie Gering’s class. My quilt is following her Not Lost In The Woods pattern which is a spiral log cabin. I chose turquoise, white with silver sparkles (a little hard to see in the picture), orange, metal gray, and a gray/silver swirl. These colors are out of my comfort zone but my goal was to pick colors considered to be modern.

Jacquie was a wealth of information. She recommended taping a square on your design wall the size of your finished block. By using the design block, you can work toward filling that block. We were also using improvisation so the design board allowed us to audition where to go to next. Adding the gray swirl allowed me to add a bit of texture.

I am looking forward to completing the quilt and doing more modern work. I also love mid-century modern and the patterns and colors of that era. Mid-century modern patterns seem to fit well into modern themed quilts so I want to incorporate that into my future quilts. I am excited to use my love of that era to expand and extend my range of work.

I have completed two blocks. After completing two more blocks, I then need to add my borders and binding, sandwich and quilt.

Stay tuned. Til next time….

Bizzy Lady

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