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Hey Everyone,

It has been awhile since the Craft Divas have written a blog post.Ā  The Craft Divas have been very busy with our social life and having fun. We have been in somewhat of a sewing rut or meltdown, where we haven’t had any motivation to sew. I have been buying patterns and I also have a couple of purses cut out just waiting for me to sew them. We have so many projects in mind and several that we have started and just need to complete them. My UFO pile is very high. šŸ™‚

I look at my sewing machine everyday but I just can’t get myself to actually sit down and sew.

I have a shoe quilt collection that I started last year. I have completed the tops, satin stitched the imaged onto the top and all they are waiting for is to be sandwiched and bound.Ā  There are I believe 5 shoes that I created for this collection.Ā  My plan is to have that collection completed before the new year. Lets see if I can complete this challenge I made for myself. šŸ™‚

I know that we have been saying this year is our year to get our stuff together and get our names out there but 2018 we are determined to make a name for ourselves.

We want to be known around our community and even internet wide as the Craft Divas and show all that we can offer. We want to begin to teach more classes and start a store online for everyone to purchase our products.


Have any of you been in this position before? And if so how did you get out of it or turned yourself around to start sewing?Ā  Any advise would help please.

Until next time when I have my Shoe Quilt Collection ready to show everyone. šŸ™‚

Diva Dane



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  1. I am with you, now. Ugh.

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