My New Treasure

Well, I have to go get my first born and drop him off at the sewing machine store. Diva Dane and I went to the American Sewing Expo today and I purchased a new sewing embroidery machine combo. The Brother Quattro 2:


I initially ran across this machine at AQS in Grand Rapids, MI when Diva Dane and I attended this year. I thought about purchasing it at that time but didn’t. (Total sticker shock.) Once I got home, I dreamed about the machine. Every time I would embroider a shirt on my old machine, I would dream about what it would have been like if I was doing it on that lovely machine. I researched the features of the machine, I looked at reviews and read thoughts from those who owned the machine. All the reviews were favorable. I wanted the machine even more.

The 2 machines I have now are both Brother machines and I have no complaints with the performance and ability of the machines. I have created some amazing pieces with these machines. So when I begin to think about upgrading my machine, I went straight to Brother. After checking out the Brother machines, I did look at some of the other manufacturers and talked with my fellow crafters to see what type of machine they used, recommended, and preferred. In talking with others, it was interesting to see and hear the brand loyalty. All that I spoke with had excellent reasons and examples to support their recommendations. However, I found just like those I spoke with, I had brand loyalty and could not be swayed. So here I sit many, many, many, did I say many dollars later the proud own of a new treasure and less a first born.

Bizzy Lady

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