My New Treasure (continued)

Ok, I know it is my new treasure but I am excited to share some of my new discoveries. I promise not to bombard you with posts about my new treasure. Once I get it going, I will be getting back to creating. In my previous post, I posted a picture of the machine from the brother website. Now I have it unpacked and set up.

2013-10-01 18.17.13

2013-10-01 18.17.25

I have been embroidering for a couple of years now and positioning items in the hoop is a pain along with making sure the stabilizer stays in place. Well with my new machine, they gave me a sample of Floriani Stabilizer. I am wondering if I am the last to know about this. You iron it on the back of the material, position it in the hoop, embroider, and then tear it away. There is no sticky residue. I can also see using this when creating applique designs on the front of t-shirts.

Another great feature amongst all the myriad of great features is the automatic foot lift with needle down allowing you to pivot and turn without the fabric moving out of position. I do a lot of satin stitching. My preferred method of finishing my machine applique edge is with a tight satin stitch and on a portrait quilt this could require lots of lifting of the foot and pivoting. Now as soon as I stop sewing, the foot lifts, I pivot and then when I press the foot again, it begins to sew, no adjusting, no lowering of the foot, etc. Again, I love my new treasure but I am anxious to get back to creating.

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