My New Baby

Lately I have been obsessed with bag making. If you have made bags, totes or pouches, you know that sometimes you sew through many layers. I have a Brother Innovis Quattro 2 that is my main machine, quilting and embroidery. I also have my travel machine which is a lightweight Brother Sewing Machine. It was my primary machine prior to me acquiring the Quattro 2.

Although I love my Quattro 2, it doesn’t like sewing through the layers when I am bag making. I was working on a bag and bent my needle bar, fortunately the machine was still under warranty. The inconvenience is that the warranty is a carry-in and the shop is 45 minutes from my home. They had it for 2 weeks.

So after hearing the tales of woe of others and my own experience, I started to do some research. I saw that many were buying a heavy duty machine dedicated to handle the more stressful projects like demin, leather/vinyl, and bag making. After further research, I decided on the Janome HD 3000.


Not a lot of bells and whistles. Unboxed it and was up and running in no time. The machine is surprisingly quiet, more so than my primary machine. I made a pouch (Clobird Designs Tulip Zipper Case) and so far I really like the machine.

2016-10-20-14-42-24 2016-10-20-14-42-06

I expect that you will be seeing a lot of projects made with my new baby.

Until next time…..

Bizzy Lady


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