Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Night

Tonight was the monthly meeting for the Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild (DAMQG). You can check us out on We recently became part of the National Modern Quilt Guild and got our membership cards tonight.

I passed off the round robin I had last month to the next person and got another box. Typically I would have to complete the round robin by the next meeting giving me a month to complete it but due to the holidays, I will have until January to complete it. I got an opportunity to see what has been added to my round robin and now it has moved on to the next person. I am looking forward to seeing what the next person decides to add.

In the guild, we are also participating in Secret Sister. We picked names anonymously and until Christmas you give that person gifts. You can bring it to the meeting and drop it in a box then the gifts are anonymously passed out during the meeting or you can send the gift to their home. Who doesn’t like getting a present in the mail. At our December meeting, Secret Sister identities will be revealed. This is what my Secret Sister left for me tonight:

In case my Secret Sister is a follower, I can’t show the gifts I have made her until I have revealed my identity.

Til next time…..

Bizzy Lady

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