Modern Clutch Pattern Review

I have been wanting to make this clutch for some time now. When I was at my local quilting store, they had the starter kit so I had to buy it. The pattern is made by Pink Sand Beach Designs.

These were my fabric selections for this clutch. My fabric selection is from Bold & Gold by Winham Fabrics.


Next I cut all the pattern pieces for all of the interfacing, outside and lining fabrics.


wp-1470790072746.jpg wp-1470790090991.jpg wp-1470790104856.jpg

Once all of the pieces have been cut out, you will also need to trace and cut out your pattern piece out of the Peltex.


You will then lay all your interfacing pieces to the back of the outside fabric and fuse everything down as instructed.


Create you inside pocket and then place it on the lining and sew them together as instructed.


Next sew the lining and the outside pieces, right sides together and the lining piece of fabric should have the pocket side towards the bottom. By doing this will allow the pocket to be turned the right side up once its turned inside out.


Once it has been turned right side out you will then sew down both sides with the outside fabrics touching each other.


The next step would be to make and sew the side gussets.


Turn the clutch right side out and use painters tape to make the required measurements to help when its time to add the purse frame onto the clutch.


After the frame has been glued in place and set you will have a beautiful clutch just like this.

wp-1470790173810.jpg wp-1470790196585.jpg

I can’t wait to make more.

Until next time……

Diva Dane

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