Marilyn Monroe, cont.

As you all my know quilters and crafters always have a million projects going at once. Well I have a million and 1. 🙂

So for the Marilyn portrait that I posted a few weeks ago,  I had that part completed. I then started thinking what else am I going to do with this quilt. So I started thinking about diamonds.  I talked it over with Bizzy Lady and we decided it would be kinda hard to applique a diamond with all its detail that I wanted to show. Then I searched for Marilyn Monroe quotes and found this one and fell in love with it.


So then that gave me an idea to applique shoes.  This is what I came up with so far. I hope to have the shoes sewn on to the top this weekend and have the top completed. 


Once the whole quilt is completed,  I will add Marilyn’s quote to the quilt with rhinestones.

I hope everyone has a wondeful weekend.

Diva Dane

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