Mad for Solids Bracket – Vote for Graphic Brillance

I am participating in the Mad for Solids Bracket sponsored by Inspired by Fabric (http://inspired

I selected fabrics from Painter’s Palette Solids by Paintbrush Studio and created a collection I call Graphic Brillance. There were over 84 beautiful solids to choose from (what a challenge). My collection will be competing against other collections in a bracket much like March Madness. In the end, I will be using my collection to create an awesome piece. The winner of the bracket will receive fabric and those that participate will have a chance to win fabric also.

How the Graphic Brillance Collection was selected

I chose the range of colors in my bundle for a number of reasons. First, I knew my bundle would include black and white. When designing these are always staples that I believe enhance the design and also when placing color against them it allows the color to appear even more true and vibrant. The next color selected was Amethyst due to purple being my favorite color and Amethyst being my birthstone. The other colors selected are colors I believe compliment the Amethyst directly and work well with each other. They are bright bold colors that fit my artistic and modern aesthetic.

Please visit the Inspired by Fabric site to place your vote for my Graphic Brillance collection and for your chance to win. Also be on the lookout for what will be created with the colors of Graphic Brillance.

Until next time……

Bizzy Lady

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