Loving to Craft

Hey Everyone,

I have had a rough week on call for work and haven’t been able to do alot of crafting.

I’m so excited that The Muppets are back on TV. If yall don’t know the show comes on ABC on Tuesdays (tonight) at 8pm EST. I love the muppets and I had a bright shinny object of course and made a really cool Kermit quilt. Something new I tried with this quilt is used sheer fabric for his eyeglass lens.


He was so fun to make. The quilting is complete and now it’s time to do binding.  I think I’m going to do the facing method with this quilt.

Bizzy Lady and I went to Painting With A Twist last week. This is a place where you select a painting you would like to paint. While the teacher shows you step by step how to paint the painting,  you drink wine.  Isn’t that an awesome concept. ☺


This is what we started with.


And this was my end result.  Another cool thing was, this is the first time we were able to bedazzle our painting.

Hopefully I can do some quilting this weekend and have something cool to share next week.

Until then. ….
Diva Dane

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