Lost Bet

Well 2015 is here. I had a conversation with someone the other day talking about Prince’s song “1999” thinking when we first heard that song that it was such a long time away and wondering what the world and our lives would be like then. I remember picturing the Jetsons (am I dating myself here). I also wouldn’t have thought at that time that I would have the passion for crafting and the creative process that I do now. Never would have thought at that time I would enjoy seeing and hearing others expression of their creativity. All I can say is I am enjoying myself and having a good time.

I am a Project Manager and I bet a fellow Project Manager that a deliverable that has been notorious for not being delivered on time in any project would make it this time. I lost the bet. We bet a bottle of Cabernet. I decided to deliver it in a fabric wine bag. I looked on Pinterest, scoured the Internet, took a few pointers and crafted this…….





She liked the bag and showed it to others. Another co-worker approached me and wants 3 of them. (Smiles, I love it) I think the next one needs to have some bling.

Until next time…..

Bizzy Lady

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