Life after QuiltCon

It’s been crazy for me since we got back from QuiltCon. So within this week back,  I had to take my car in which resulted in getting a new vehicle.

These are a few gifts that I received in my QuiltCon Swag Bag.


While in are Carolyn Friedlander’s class, we were sewing on  a Janome Horizon Memory Craft 8900 and I fell in love with it so much and the great deal they had for it, I had to get one. So my new toy came yesterday and now it’s time to play with it. I love the large sewing table to use when sewing larger sized quilts. I also fell in love with the stitch that is a show and a dress.


It’s so amazing when I started thinking of all the new projects that I have on my plate to work on and that the due dates for them are very close.

Bizzy Lady and I will be going to our DAM Girls retreat next weekend, which will give me time to get a few of the projects started and maybe a few of them even completed or close to it.

As Bizzy Lady stated in her previous post, I too got a tattoo at QuiltCon.  It’s finally starting to peel and transforming into its final state.


Well come back to see us we are going to have something special for our followers.

Until then….
Diva Dane

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