It Didn’t Look Like That In My Head

When determining the design of projects, I don’t know if others are like me, but I see a picture of what the finished project should look like in my head and work towards that end. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist but can accept an unintended design feature if one should happen along the way. The finished project here looked a little different in my head. The goal was to do an autumn themed applique wall hanging. I saw in my head an angel hovering in the sky letting leaves sort of roll off her hands floating down onto the face of a child looking toward the sky. Well me not being an artist that can draw, I found the picture of a baby’s face the I traced and positioned it toward the sky. Again, it looked great in my head. So the image changed to the silhouette of a child looking up. I created my applique patterns of the angel, leaves and child, traced them on fusible, put it on fabric and cut. I found some off-white gold Christmas star fabric on sale (gotta love a sale) and thought it would make a good background. You do know that the Christmas star is directional. So the unintended design feature is that I appliqued the items on with the Christmas star upside down. I was committed to finishing what I started unintended design feature and all. I am dedicating this to all those that have said before, “It didn’t look like that in my head.”

2013-08-27 18.48.54

Bizzy Lady

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3 Responses to It Didn’t Look Like That In My Head

  1. This happens too many times to me! Lol I just started to appliqué, which I will blog about soon, but my piece didn’t come out the way I pictured it!! Lol I did a kitty with a little flower.. And I appliquéd the little flower center, flower leave and the flower.. And after I sewed it.. It looked weird!! Lol but it’s done, looks different than what I pictured. But oh well, right? 🙂
    Thanks for a fun post!
    Your piece looks great!
    My teacher once said “there’s no mistakes in quilting and sewing, only design elements!!” Lol

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