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As Bizzy Lady stated in her previous post,  I am also participating in 2 swaps on Instagram.  The Muppet Swap and the Text Fabric Swap.

I am so enjoying these swaps, especially the Muppets. I used to watch the Muppet Babies and I could catch reruns of the Muppet Show, because I was too little when it originally aired. I remember going to the movies when I was little to see one of those Muppet Movies.

I am making my secret partner 2 themed Muppet items. Here is a preview of them.

wpid-20150523_203255.jpg wpid-20150523_183603.jpg

My next swap is the Text Fabric swap. In this swap, you have to use 2 texted fabrics and whatever colors your secret partner likes. This is a sneak peek of what I started.


Each person that participates, have to create mosaic boards of what you like and the give your partner inspiration.  This is a board I created for my partner to use as a guide.


Come back to see my progress on these 2 swaps. I can’t wait to see what my partners have  made for me.

If you would like to follow me on Instagram, my handle is craftdiva_divadane. Come follow me.

Until then…..
Diva Dane

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