Instagram Swaps Part 2

Hey Everyone,

I can’t believe that Fall is here already and it’s getting so dark out so early. Bizzy Lady and I have been very busy these last couple of weeks with things going on in our personal lives.

We have also been working on a few Craft Diva Projects that we can’t wait to show everyone when that time comes.

I received my 2 last Instagram Swap gifts. The first one is the Muppet Swap, I received my mini quilt which was Dr.  Teeth along with some extra gifts.



I also received my Pillow form from Tulsa, OK Modern Quilt Guild Swap.


I had a small quilt top made for my Girl Scout Leader and one of the mothers of the my church for a long time. I finally had time to quilt it and was able to give it to her 2 Sunday’s ago. She really enjoyed her gift.


I have signed up for another Instagram Swap which is celebrating Walt Disney’s Birthday. So with this swap you create inspiration board of things that you like that Walt Disney was involved in before he passed away. These are my two inspiration boards I came up with. The other fun thing about this swap is that everyone that participates in it can’t open their gifts until December 5th, which is Walt Disney’s actual birthday.

wpid-20150930_183155.jpg wpid-20150930_182906.jpg


This is going to be fun. Come back to see my progress with this swap and the other projects that I am currently working on.

Until then…..

Diva Dane

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