Our Great Lakes African American Quilters Network meeting was yesterday and we had the pleasure of enjoying guest presenter, Carole Harris, She let us know how she got started as a quilt artist and showed some of her work. It was very inspiring and please if you have an opportunity, explore and check out her work. Her work has been commissioned and licensed for display in hospitals and currently for a text book. One of her designs has even been used for development of the flooring pattern for a hospital.

She discussed some of the what I like to think of as challenges or quirks of being an artist. One thing she said she doesn’t do is teach. She talked about what inspires her and what moves her to make a design choice can’t be taught. It’s a feeling and it also has to do with the message you are trying to convey with your work. Some will get it and some won’t. I thought of myself and my journey as an artist. As I grow, how I am not tied to a pattern someone else has created and that the design choices and pieces I am choosing to make are becoming more about what I want people to see when they look at my work.

She also talked about commissioned work. Diva Dane and I discuss possibly limiting our commissioned work to primarily portraits. Sometimes when others ask you to do a project, there are usually limits or constraints put upon you such as size and color. What if as you begin to work, you begin to envision or feel another color or maybe you feel it should be bigger and you can’t due to being tied to the limits.

Again I really enjoyed hearing Mrs. Harris relate her story and share her experience. It gave me more insight as I grow and continue my journey as a fiber artist.

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Bizzy Lady

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