In Chicago

My husband and I took a weekend trip to Chicago so I will not be doing any crafting this weekend. I did not even bring a traveling project with me although we drove. A weekend trip to Chicago with my husband means sleep in the car on the way there and nonstop actvity until time to sleep on the way back.

When in Chicago, my husband always enjoys visiting Carson’s Ribs on Wells downtown. On the way from Michigan we stop in Michigan City at the Lighthouse Outlet and do a little shopping.

It’s nice to get away but I am looking forward to getting home and getting to work on some of my projects. I have a number of deadlines, items I want too complete and plus the holidays are coming. I feel like I am always on the move and this makes me think about an acronym I just saw I think is fitting – NOW – No Opportunity Wasted.

Til next time….

Bizzy Lady

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