I Made It!!!!

Hey Everyone!!

I hope the weekend was good to you. I was able to complete everything that I had on my list. I finished my Round Robin block last night at 11:30.

I sewed my binding onto the quilt for our class we teaching Saturday. So this week during lunch at work, I’m going to be hand stitching the binding down. Bizzy Lady and I met last night to finalize what we are doing for the class.

Next step was to complete my name tag for the new Guild that we joined. 20131006_225025

Also for the Guild we had to come up with a block that represents what Modern style quilting is to us. This is what I decided to  make. 20131006_151831

I was still having Quilter’s block (just like writers block),  with what I wanted to do for my Round Robin. I had two shoes to decide from. 20131004_224645  or 20131004_214601

So once that was decided, I had to think of what I wanted to incorporate with the shoe. One of the new magazines that I purchased had a cool quilt that was made out of strips. I decided I wanted to use the technique somewhere within the block. his is the final product. 20131006_225005

This was an adventure.

Diva Dane

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