Hexie Block of the Month

Hello Everyone,

Well it still cold, the snow is still on the ground but it is staying light outside longer. So there is a small sign that Spring is own it’s way.

I was doing  a search on the Internet and came across a website that is doing Hexie BOM.  You can take a peak at the website, when you have the time and maybe follow them as I am (http://thehexieblog.blogspot.com/?m=1).

January BOM Layout. 20140212_220933

This is what I created. 20140212_220855

February BOM Layout. I haven’t decided on what colors I am going to use yet.

I love doing Hexies, because you can just sit in front of the TV and sew away and time flies by fast and the Hexie block can be completed in no time.

Until next time.

Diva Dane

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  1. I love the hexie heart.

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