Hell`s Kitchen Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas

Hey Everyone,

Bizzy Lady and I was able to getaway for a few days last week in Las Vegas. It was so much fun tombe back there and to enjoy some warm weather forma few days but we came back home to nonstop snow ever since.

Two of our friends including Bizzy Lady celebrated their birthdays on the trip.

So people that know me know that I love to cook and bake and I’m always trying out new recipes. So when I found out we were going, I know the Chef Gordan Ramsay was opening the offical Hell’s Kitchen restaurant in Vegas.

I immediately when to Ceasar’s Palce website to find out more about the restaurant. It was opening the week of January 25th and we were going to be there starting February 1st. I was able to make reservations and I was overjoyed.

So that Friday after we got to Las Vegas, it was time to visit the restaurant. This place was amazing. It reminded you as if you were on the tv show.

If you have ever watched Hell’s Kitchen tvv show, Chef Ramsay made the contestants make lobster risotto, scallops and beef wellington.

We hadnthe scallops, loster risotto, hell fire chicken wings, short rib dinner, short rib grilled cheese and the amazing Sticky Toffee Pudding.

That dessert was so good. I had to lookup the receipe of course and I found it. It’s an English dessert. So of course I will be making this dessert soon.

If yall get a chance to go to Las Vegas, you must make reservations for Hell’s Kitchen. I was told its difficult to get reservations now because its so new, but try to visit them.

Until next time……

Diva Dane

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  1. Gaye Tolliver says:

    Oh my, it DOES look like Vegas – food looks sensational (and love the striped glasses and wonder how many of those napkins end up ‘going home’). Loved your (usual excellent job) on the bags in your previous post and it was really a treat to see the one featured on the Etsy page. It did look nice and sunny and w-a-r-m there. Now it’s back to reality!

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