Giving Hope and Nurturing Abroad

The GLAAQN group that Diva Dane and I belong to invite Sharon Wallace and Michele Ciokajlo who founded the non-profit organization Giving Hope And Nurturing Abroad ( to our meeting. The organization empowers women and help with small business start up that in turn help the women, their families and communities. When Sharon and Michele attend our meeting, they always bring fabric designed and created by the women abroad. The fabric is of good quality with a variety of colors. Below is a piece showcasing fabric I purchased created by the women Michele and Sharon work with abroad. (The dress on the left and the top on the right.)


I always look forward to their visit and the opportunity to buy more fabric. I also enjoyed sharing with them what was done with the fabric for them to share with the women who design and create the fabric.

Until next time…..

Bizzy Lady

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