English Paper Piecing

I am starting a new project. I plan for this project to be my next traveling project. Something for me to work on during lunch and those periods where I find myself waiting. I will be doing the traditional cluster and then adding a border ending up with a lap size quilt. I am in love with the colors. See the snapshot. I have cut all my squares. I will be posting my progress. I also knit and crochet and have a hard time sticking with one project until complete. I am typically working on many projects at the same time. So although I will be working on this project, I know I will see something that will divert my attention and complete other projects in between – a scarf, a purse, etc. I also have quite a few quilt UFOs that I will be finishing so I will be posting pictures of those as I finish them. My goal is to double the number of projects I completed last year this year.

Bizzy Lady, Craft Diva


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