I have been working to find an embroidery program that I can use without a doctorate. YouTube is a wonderful thing. I got PE-Design with my Brother machine. My goal is to be able to enlarge designs and create embroidery stitch designs from my own graphics. I went on YouTube and looked for some tutorials. I also went to some forums to see what others recommended and came across SewArt and Embird. There are tutorials on YouTube for these programs also. I found that for digitizing programs, both of these programs were reasonably priced. Both programs allow a try before you buy. You can download a trial version of each. Although there is a learning curve, I was able to view the tutorial and do some reading in the help section and accomplish what I wanted in just a couple of days. Diva Dane and I have been working on Craft Diva t-shirt designs and with the aid of both of these programs, I was able to design the embroidery logo..

The software in conjunction with my Brother, I have been able to turn out a number of projects I was not to accomplish with my previous tools and resources.

Until next time…….

Bizzy Lady

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