Embroidery and Bags

I have been getting a lot of embroidery work lately. I embroidered a group’s name on close to 40 aprons. In the midst of commission work, I have been making bags. A new found passion (WHYYY! like we needed something else – bag hardware, vinyl, etc. where to put it all, building another stash). If you follow Diva Dane and I, you know we have been making quite a few bags lately.

Well unexpectedly, my embroidery work crossed over into my bag making. I have been getting requests for personalized bags and inscriptions. Below are 2 bags, one is a personalized bag and another with a message inscribed in the lining (retirement gift).

Pattern is the Everyday Bag by Bagstock. The first bag is black vinyl and Essex linen. The other bag is fabric from Joann’s and brown vinyl. I think I have caught on to something with the personalized bags considering the feedback and requests. I have more to complete, however, I will be sure to keep our followers up-to-date on how it goes.

Until next time, Bizzylady.

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  1. Gaye Tolliver says:

    You have definitely started something; the ‘inside the purse congratulations’ is a great idea and (as usual) nicely done – really like THAT fabric. Don’t know whether it’s modern technology, or what, but the choice of fabric designs today is absolutely amazing – really tempting(!). Thanks for the inspiration.

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