Diva Dane’s Round Robin

Happy Monday Everyone,

I hope the weekend treated you all very well. I started working on my Round Robin yesterday.  I will be leaving in two weeks to go out of town for work and I have to get it completed before I go. This is a picture of the quilt that I was given at the guild meeting.


So my mind starting going when I saw this quilt. Since it has a sewing theme, I wanted to continue in that manner. I decided to add two applique blocks, one would be scissors and the other would be a pin cushion.

This is what both blocks look like.


So from there the with of the quilt is 30 inches and my two 12 1/2 inch blocks won’t be long enough. I decided to add the spool of thread fabric that was in the box.


This is how it’s going to look after I applique everything and add it to the quilt.


I will post a final picture once everything is sewn.

Until then.

Diva Dane

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