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Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Y’all know how authors go through writers block, well I am going through quilters block. I have a lot of ideas in my head for my Round Robin block but nothing is being produced. I have a few things that needs to be completed before Tuesday and Friday of next week. I really don’t know whats going on. It could be these allergies that I am dealing with that is clogging up my brain. 🙂

Round Robin is a quilt that is made by a group of quilters and it’s a variation of doing friendship blocks.  To start, everyone makes a block for the center.  You come up with your own theme, rules and guideline for how you want your quilt to be completed.  The blocks are passed to someone else in the group.  They add the first border.  Then the next quilter adds the second.  This process will continue until  the original quilter decides that they likes the state that the quilt is in.

So at one point I wanted to do butterflies of course, but they fell through. Then I wanted to do a flower, but Bizzy Lady brought to my attention although the flower is pretty that’s not my style.  This is what it looks like: flower

I am now at the point to design a shoe that has a butterfly on it. I will do a modern themed background for the block. I hope this comes through, its my last hope.

I have also been working on the quilt for our class that we will be teaching next Saturday.  front

I just added simple diagonal lines on it. Tonight I will be adding the binding.

Bizzy Lady and I are designing an apron that our Guild members will be wearing at our 2014 quilt show. I have completed they bottom half of it and added the pockets.shirt
So this weekend I need to get things completed.

Until next week.

Diva Dane

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